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1/2 Gallon Bae

1/2 Gallon Bae

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Okay 1/2 Gallon Bae! – a healing refresh in a bottle. Packed with the vibrant flavors and essential nutrients , this generous serving is perfect for hydrating, cleansing the blood, mineralizing the body, and supporting the liver and its function.

This blend is helpful for those (but not limited to) with challenges such as:

hypertension, hypothyroidism, gut issues, obesity, malnutrition, skin issues, fatigue, kidney/adrenal challenges, gout, type 1-2 diabetes, autoimmune.. This blend is also for those who are fasting, releasing waste, and resting the body for healing


Ingredients (organic): Customer Choice of Favorite Juice: Eatcho greens burdock elixir w/ cucumbers or sour patch key lime made for $55
Fall Pick 2 is your choice one of each or two of the same flavors for $135 Fall pick 3 special of your choice of flavor for $155
PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 3 DAYS FOR ORDER FULFILLMENT - Pickup Location: Sacred Rootz Summerville - 908 Bacons Bridge Road, Summerville, SC 29485 or an agreed upon location.  
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