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Best Seller Bundles!

Best Seller Bundles!

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Best Seller Juice Bundles!

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Go Green Pack 7: Flood your body with healing constituents and antioxidants with our 7, 12oz green juices!  Each day brings a new blend of carefully curated green juices building the the body by feeding the cells in your body. This bundle has been helpful(not limited to) for those with:

Anemia, Fatigue, Alopecia, Under weight, Malnutrition, Blood issues, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, heavy menstrual cycles...

Ingredients (organic):Include 2 Eatcho Green Burdock Elixir, 2 Sour Patch Key Limeade, 1 Electromagnetic Greens, 1 Electric Juice, 1 Celery lovers 

Get Gingered Wellness Shot Bundle: Supporting the Immune System start with the best wellness shots on the planet! You get 7, organic 2oz shots packed with a punch that make it difficult for germs to live.  Each day, take a shot to electrify yourself with energy and vitality! These shots are for everyone! For children, you can dilute and add water to their shots!

Ingredients (organic): 2oz each, 1 Eatcho Greens Burdock Elixir w/ ginger, 1 key Limeade w/ ginger, 2 Wellness Snaps, Classic ginger shot, 1 Fat Burner, 1 antioxidant shot

 Immunity Pack: Support your immunity and fortify your well-being with our  Immunity Pack, a blend of organic superfoods to help you stay healthy and vibrant throughout fall. You get 6, 12oz bottles and 3. 2oz wellness shots of organic juices to support the Immune System! 

This blend is specifically for those who want to support a healthy Immune and Respiratory System during the fall/winter months!

Ingredients (organic): 2 Wellness Snaps, 2 Eatcho Greens Burdock Elixir, 2 key Limeade, 3 Wellness Shots


30-Day Fall Wellness Bundle:  Prepare to embrace the Fall season with our 30-Day Fall Wellness Bundle— organic goodness made to keep you feeling your best. With a daily dose of natural wellness, you'll be ready to take on the crisp fall days ahead.

This blend is for those who are looking to ease their way into wellness. This is also for those who have health challenges and need to support the body. Those going through chemo, radiation, post surgery, hysterectomy, dental issues, obesity, type 1-2 diabetes, aging parents, growing children, pregnancy...can benefit from this bundle!

Ingredients (organic): 5 key limeade, 5 snap, 5 sweet Beet lovers, 5 Eatcho greens burdock elixir, 5 carrot rush, 5 Electromagnetic Greens
Try All Mini Pack: Want to learn what flavor is "The One" for you? This try all mini pack include all the core flavors we offer. Be prepared to have all your taste receptors sound off. This will help you decide what you and your body like! 
This blend includes all the core recipes: 8 8oz bottles include Eatcho Greens Burdock Elixir, Sour Patch Key Limemade, Electric, Electromagnetic Greens, Fat Burn, Classic Carrot Rush, Sweet Beet Lovers, Celery Lovers


30-Day Diabetic Formula Bundle: This diabetic-friendly bundle supports your dietary needs while igniting your taste buds in wholesome goodness. With a daily serving of natural ingredients like Brussels sprouts, green beans and Granny Smith apples, you'll embark on a month-long journey toward better health and well-being.

This bundle has been a great success for those with type 1 diabetics. Some clients are tremendously reducing their long/fast acting insulin and healing their beta cells simply drinking this formula and lifestyle change! 

Ingredients: (organic) Brussel sprouts, green beans, granny smith apples, love


Thoughtfully crafted by Holistic Health Practitioner and Juice Therapist, The Herbal Ashpot.


PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 3 DAYS FOR ORDER FULFILLMENT - Pickup Location: Sacred Rootz Summerville - 908 Bacons Bridge Road, Summerville, SC 29485 or an agreed upon location.  

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